"Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do" ~ Voltaire

About us

9hugs.org was formed on the belief that philanthropy is an innate responsibility and ability we all carry. It is a belief that when one person helps another, a humanitarian cycle is formed.

What we do

Since its founding in 2013, 9hugs.org has honored its promise to locate and help those in need. Our efforts have brought us from renovating orphanages in unbearable conditions to providing emergency relief for families affected by fires in Greece to supplying distressed hospitals in Puerto Rico to libraries in various regions in Africa and now the water effort in Kenya.


9hugs.org is dedicated to spreading aid and love wherever there is need. Understanding that despair has no borders, we organize, collaborate with, and mobilize our volunteers and donations to bring positive change and relief wherever needed. Through our projects and success, we hope to create a cycle of philanthropy, inspiring everyone to “Help Us Give & Share” whenever we can. 

9hugs.org is an open call to everyone:

Help Us Give & Share

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