Awarded Global Literacy Champion 5 years in a row, 9 H.U.G.S. has been helping raise literacy rates for children of primary schools throughout Africa. Targeting a different country annually, we collect and supply thousands of books to libraries being built in Africa via The African Library Project. To date, we have supplied books for 17 libraries in small villages in Ghana, Malawi, Swaziland, and Uganda.


Our success as a humanitarian organization extends beyond the library structures we have supplied. Parents and their children fill our bins with their favorite books and personal notes that are delivered to the children receiving their donations. Through our outreach to students, families, and communities, we have brought awareness; we have created a global H.U.G. between those in need and those who are willing and able to help. This connection generates the cycle of emotions that define humanity: empathy, love, support, relief, and gratitude.


Gas Expenses for Collecting, Storing, Organizing and Boxing the Books: $250

Post Office Fees: $500

African Library Project Fee: $250

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