In 2019, 9 H.U.G.S. partnered with The Water Project, and joined the water effort in Kenya, Africa.

Throughout the country, families are forced to walk for hours, on a daily basis, to reach a natural source of water that they will gather and carry back their families. When reached their water source, they face the unforgiving dangers of disease, crocodiles, and currents that too often have taken lives.

Women and children are the primary bearers of this responsibility. The danger of fetching water is amplified as the chore is generally done alone, making them prime targets for wild animals, thieves, and abduction. Making matters worse, because of the travel time to and from a water source, children are unable to pursue education, ensuring that poverty becomes an inescapable cycle.

Our target is the ​Katovya Community and its 2,000 inhabitants. ​The first stage of our project is the building of a sand dam that will collect and retain rainwater. The water naturally stored will be fed into the second portion of our project - a hand-pump water well. Our mission includes the implementation of the water systems, the first year of maintenance for same, the education of the locals that will maintain and report the status of the water system, and the education of all those in the village on the subjects of hygiene and sanitation. Being a “hands-on” organization, 9 H.U.G.S. is coordinating to be on-the-ground, ensuring the implementation of the water systems, meeting the locals they will directly benefit, and reporting back to our donors who have extended their arms to H.U.G. these families in need. 


9hugs.org is dedicated to spreading aid and love wherever there is need. Understanding that despair has no borders, we organize, collaborate with, and mobilize our volunteers and donations to bring positive change and relief wherever it is needed.  Through our projects and success, we hope to create a cycle of philanthropy, inspiring everyone to “Help Us Give & Share” whenever we can. 

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